What is the Badge of Excellence?

The Badge of Excellence for STEM Awareness is a third level of achievement that acknowledges schools that have achieved a Plaque of STEM and have also demonstrate excellence in their efforts to raise awareness of and excitement about STEM among pupils, teachers and parents/guardians.

To be Eligible to apply for a Badge of Excellence for STEM Awareness the school must have achieved a plaque of STEM at least once previously


Ravenswell Primary School (Powerpoint Presentation)

Ravenswell Primary School set out to  increase parents knowledge and understanding of STEM education/skills that their children are engaged in and of how these are essential for living and working through everyday situations. They included reflections from  parents to demonstrate the change they achieved.

St Mary’s Central NS

St Mary’s Central NS used the theme of plastics to achieve their objective of giving children opportunities to use and apply STEM knowledge, understanding and skills across the curriculum and in real world contexts. Reflections from children, teachers and parents demonstrate what changed for them as a result.

St. Colmans Clara National School (Powerpoint Presentation)

St Colman’s Clara National School’s presentation clearly outlined the STEM outcomes they chose and how they set about achieving them in a clear and concise way with great reflections from pupils and teachers.

Scoil Chaitríona Junior (Prezi)

Scoil Caitriona Junior chose the objective of children being able to ask questions and suggest possible solutions confidently, risk incorrect responses, and accept that mistakes are part of the learning process. The results are clear to see in the children’s reflections. By using a survey the school gained insight into how they could increase parents understanding of the STEM skills children are developing (curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking).